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  • NEW Handy 60mL size - Antiseptic Ear & Body Care Lotion


    For the on-going care of pierced ears

    Antiseptic Care Lotion is tested and proven effective against bacterial infection. It is to be used three times a day without removing the studs for a minimum period of 2 weeks after piercing. All new earrings should also be cleansed with Antiseptic Ear Care Lotion to maintain healthy pierced ears. Contains Benzalkonium Chloride 1.3mg/mL

    Available in both a 125mL and 60mL spray bottle

  • BEST SELLER! DJ shine serum

    Powerful concentrated serum that conditions the cuticle to prevent split or broken ends and promotes intensive shine.


    Now with improved pump and 'travel-safe' closure.


  • NEW Natural Look Makeup Brush Cleaner

    Formulated with natural ingredients & FREE from acetone or harsh chemicals. Gently cleans the hardest of make-up, bacteria and build up from natural and synthetic bristle cosmetic and hair brushes,  while maintaining condition for optimum brush performance between clients. Removes silicone, water & alcohol based make-up or spray tan residue from cosmetic brushes, air brushes & sponges.